Our vision is for every young Australian to have meaningful work that is important to them and consequential to the world 🌎

The Problem

1 in 4 students are disengaged in high school

1 in 2 students have no clear direction in their life

1 in 3 young Australians are unemployed or under-employed

What We Do

We deliver interactive, evidence-based workshops to inform students about the future of work 🚀and connect students to a mission that’s meaningful to them 😊 and consequential to the world.🌎


What Students Say


would recommend us to another young person


learnt more about their values, strengths & talents


felt more confident choosing a career path

​"I love the interactions and the program in general. I felt that I learnt a lot about choosing my purpose in life. "

Year 9 Student Cumberland High

"I liked the discussions that were given and how the activities gave a more clearer vision on what my passion is"


Year 10 Student Canterbury High

"It was an amazing experience and was pretty fun thanks you :). when are you guys coming back?"

Year 10 Student - Pendle Hill High 

What Teachers Say


Thank you so much for reaching out to me. Your support and willingness to accomodate our students is phenomenal. Look forward to working with you in 2021.


Beth Matsuto,

Kingscliff High School

There have been some positive follow ons from the day: one student applied for work experience, a new place from where to start conversations with these students...to build their ideas from. Thanks again for giving us this opportunity.


Thank you for all your efforts in delivering an engaging and meaningful workshop. You did a great job and I really need to thank you... I am also really thrilled about the positive feedback from our students!

Alexandra Giameos,

Canterbury High School

Georgia Anton,

Homebush Boys High School


About Us

The Purpose Project is a social enterprise started by young people, for young people. We are passionate about creating a future where young people are empowered to develop lives of purpose, pursuing paths that are important to them and the world.

Suraj Pabari is an ex-Googler and entrepreneur with a decade of experience in marketing and data science. He was also a lead facilitator and presenter of the Life Design program at Google, having presented this course to over 200 individuals. He has a passion for curriculum development and public speaking, and runs independent training programs for business professionals.

Ari Yeganeh is a social entrepreneur and mental health advocate with a background in business and data science. He is passionate about youth mental health speaking with Batyr in high schools across Australia. Ari is also a trained telephone crisis supporter with Lifeline Australia with accrediations in Counselling and Bachelor in Commerce and Actuarial Studies.

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